Current Projects


The First Automatic Motivational System
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The Motimatic platform blends the latest advances in online advertising technology and motivation science to deliver highly targeted messages that drive economically beneficial behavior.


Sell your video content online
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ZenVideoCloud is a service that allows studios and individuals to host online classes and monetize them using well-known online booking/point of sale systems.


Off-campus housing, simplified
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PolyRents is a San Luis Obispo startup that is simplifying the off-campus housing process. We're building an online platform for both tenants and landlords that saves both parties time and money.

Free and Open Source Work


django + stripe made easy
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dj-stripe is a django package that gives developers the ability to quickly bolt on Stripe payment processing to their apps.


Silent Auctions for the Digital Age
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Bidr is a cloud-based platform that aims to bring silent auctions away from paper and into the age of modern technology.


Simple LDAP Group Management in Python
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ldap-groups is a python/django Active Directory group management abstraction that uses ldap3 as a backend for cross-platform compatibility.